Advantages of Investing in Row House

Advantages of Investing in Row House

Investing in row houses offers several advantages. Row houses typically cost less than standalone properties and come independently, making them more attractive for investors.

Row houses come with a shared common wall between two neighbouring houses, which benefits from sharing amenities and common spaces, enhancing the value. Row houses are better than apartments and villas in terms of living and cost with good returns.

In future, with the increasing urbanization, the demand for well-located housing will be raised, and property price appreciation will be higher for independent row houses. These row houses can provide stable rental income, attracting residents seeking independent and comfortable living at an affordable price.

Investing in row houses brings rental income and price appreciation over the years, which makes it a good investment.

Key Advantage of investing in row house:

  • Good Rental Income PotentialLow Maintenance
  • Independence House
  • Affordability
  • Space Efficiency
  • Private Backyard
  • Amenities and Community
  • Good Rental Income Potential

Provident Housing Limited is one of the top promising builders who offer Row Houses at a better price with the best design and well-planned architecture. Investing in Provident Housing Limited row houses with a high yearly appreciation rate is ideal for buyers and investors. One of their best Row house project is;

Provident Deansgate

Provident Deansgate

Provident Deansgate is a new launch villament project on IVC Road, North Bangalore. Spread over 16 acres of total land area. It offers brilliantly crafted 3 BHK villas. The total number of villament is 300, and the starting price of a villa is Rs 1.9 crores. Deansgate is a main road in Manchester City. The theme of the project is based on this.

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