Kempegowda International Airport

Kempegowda International Airport

Provident Deansgate is just 10 kilometres from Kempegowda International Airport, accessible in 15 minutes via Terminal Blvd and BK Halli Rd. It enhances its accessibility and convenience. The innovative filament project on IVC Road, North Bangalore, spans 16 acres and offers over 300 villas in Phase 1 alone, featuring premium 3 BHK Villas.

These spacious residences are thoughtfully designed according to Vaastu principles and feature top- notch fixtures. Prices for these units begin at Rs 1.9 crores.

In the prime IVC Road location in North Bangalore, Provident Deansgate enjoys excellent connectivity. It's close to the airport and well-linked to key areas like Yelahanka, Jakkur, Hebbal, and Devanahalli, making it an ideal choice for modern living in a bustling and connected neighborhood.

Kempegowda International Airport is a significant airport in Bangalore, spread across about 4,000 acres. It's located in Devanahalli, 40 kilometers north of the city center. The airport has modern terminals, runways, and support services. This airport is crucial for domestic and international travel to Bangalore, one of India's vibrant cities. Its vast area allows for smooth operations even during busy times. It also has room for future growth and improvements to meet increasing travel needs.

The airport opened in 2008 to relieve pressure on the existing HAL Airport. It was named after Kempegowda, a historical figure in Bangalore's history. Since then, it has grown rapidly, attracting airlines and winning awards. Its strategic location in Devanahalli has boosted real estate development, making it a bustling economic area. Businesses see the potential here due to its proximity to the airport and connectivity to the city center. Residential communities have also emerged, offering a great living experience near the airport.

Kempegowda International Airport's strategic location has made it a vital transport hub and an economic driver for Bangalore and the surrounding region. Its success story is deeply intertwined with its prime location in Devanahalli. Not only has it eased travel for passengers, but it has also ignited significant real estate development in the area. Its presence has catalyzed commercial and residential projects, transforming the vicinity into a thriving economic center.

Businesses and investors have recognized Devanahalli's potential as a real estate hotspot. Its proximity to the airport and excellent connectivity to Bangalore's city center and major highways have made it an attractive destination for industries, logistics, and warehousing. Furthermore, establishing residential communities ensures a high quality of life for those near the airport.

The airport's ideal location has solidified its status as a key transportation hub and a pivotal economic growth driver for Bangalore and the surrounding region. Its impact on the region's development is profound, making it a vital player in shaping Bangalore's future.

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